SuessCo Sensors is a business unit of SuessCo KG. 

The physicists Dieter Suess and Thomas Schrefl founded the company in 2007. The aim of SuessCo KG is to transfer scientific inventions to industry and applying them for innovative products. 

The company’s work results in outstanding innovations in the field of magnetic storage media. Corporations such as Western Digital, LSI, Seagate, Fujitsu and Headway have been obtained as cooperation partners in the last few years.

Protection of the environment is a key element of our business policy; our goal is to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum. For this reason we developed the first wireless sensor for cold-chain monitoring worldwide that does neither require any energy supply nor contain any other pollutant substances. 

To reduce the ecological footprint to a minimum, SuessCo Sensors offers a recycling program for their sensors.