Benefits of CHECK-IT

  • Automated cargo check 


- an immediate yes/no decision concerning correct storage and transport temperature
  upon delivery,

- a complete cold-chain monitoring including all interfaces e.g. load and unload of


- a prompt check of all pallets and batches is guaranteed.

  • Exact measurement of actual cargo temperature

Interpretations (e.g. measurement of ambient temperature) can be avoided. Perceived exceeding or undercut of a certain temperature threshold (e.g.       by opening of tailboards) does not lead to a general denial of incoming goods.

  • Automatic linkage to existing software solutions

The sensors are readout together with the SSCC Code; the actual data can be transferred automatically to existing data bases. 

  • Wireless application

CHECK-IT can be attached inside of packages and detected from outside.

  • Fraud-resistant       

CHECK-IT can not be manipulated.

  • Passive and ecological

CHECK-IT does not require batteries or any kind of maintenance.

  • Securely established and proved technology 

There are no technological or legal risks.

  • Matchless price-performance ratio