Dr. Dieter Suess - CEO

teaches computational material science at the University of Technology in Vienna. 

Dr. Suess explores many issues in nano-technology, including magnetic nano-structures, nano-composite permanent magnets and magneto acoustic sensors. In 2004 Dr. Suess proposed the new magnetic recording media concept "exchange spring media" which significantly increased the areal density of current hard discs.

Dr. Thomas Schrefl – CTO

is professor of functional materials at the University of Sheffield. From 2000 to 2006, he was leading the micro-magnetism group at the Technical University in Vienna. In 2001 he worked in the IBM labs at Almaden (San Jose) and York Town (New York). In 2000, he was awarded the START Price of the Austrian Science fund. His research interests are spreading beyond micro-magnetic simulations to intelligent materials such as nano-sensor, high frequency oscillators and atomic trap devices for medical applications.

Mag. Stefan Süss - Finance & Legal

is experienced with more than 5 years as Legal Compliance Consultant and as a lawyer at Weiss-Tessbach attorneys. Within SuessCo he is responsible for finance and legal affairs.