Professional packages can be used for the preprocessing step. The user friendly GID program [1] or the powerful open source package Salome [2] can be used to define the geometry of the magnetic structures.
Besides these standard interfaces which is included in the basic micromagnetic package a Flux3d interface [3] is available that reads PF3 files and creates a micromagnetic input files .


Magnetization information as function of time is given as an output of the micromagnetic package. The output format are unstructured mesh files in the inp format, which can be visualized using the open source software package Paraview [4].Alternatively the easy to use program MAVS [5] or Tecplot [6] can be used for visulations.

A field analyzer package allows to interpolate the magnetization or the field at a particular point as function of time. Furthermore the field analyzer package allows to interpolate the field or magnetization on another irregular grid model and allows to calculate for example the average magnetization as function of time within this model. This function can be used to extract the magetization in a particular layer of a media model for example.