In the last step of micromagnetic recording simulations the written bits on the media should be transformed into a read back signal. The output files of the recording simulations are the input file for the read back package.

The left image shows a geometry of the read head in the read back package. The read head consits of a free layer, a pinned layer which is coupled to an antiferromagnet. The local relative orientation of the spins in the free layer and the pinned layer determines the output singal according to the GMR effect.

Every desired read element can be designed by the user.  The package includes a self-consistent calculation of magnetization in the reader including current and magnetization dynamics. Dependent on the magnetization in the free layer and the pinned layer the resistivity changes due to the giant magneto resistance (GMR). To take effects of the sense current of the read head into account, the current distribution for inhomogeneous conductors has to be evaluated. The calculated current distribution generates a magnetic field that is taken into account self consistently.

The spin torque packages allows to take into account for the torque on the magnetization due to polarized spins in current-perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) and tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) geometries.This package also allows to study spin torque switching and spin torque oscillations.