The Advanced Granular Modelmaker generates 2D granular recording media. It is able to reproduce a desired grain size distribution, which can be specified by the user as

  • normal distribution: with mean diameter and standard deviation,
  • arbitrary distribution: grain size distribution is entered as a histogram.

As an additional parameter the gap width between the grains can be chosen.

The Advanced Granular Modelmaker has following features:

  • Controllable grain size distribution.
  • Realistic grain shapes even at broad size distributions. Conventional model maker yield longish grains which do not reproduce actual recording media properly.
  • No symmetries, no long range order. This prevents artifacts because bit track directions or distances could otherwise happen to be in coincidence with underlying model symmetries or orders.
  • Varying number of neighboring grains.

The resulting 2D model is exported as VTK file containing the grain polygons. Thus, the polygons can be easily processed further to a full 3D model.