Magnum.fe Software

Magnum.fe solves fully self consistent the micromagnetic equation and the spin current and spin accumulation. This allows for taking into account for spin torque effect in a fully 3-d manner, such as in spin torque oscillator (STO), noise in GMR readers, microwave assisted write heads (STO).

In addition the voltage drop at defined contact points in the magnetic/conducting multilayer structure can be directly calculated.

A hybrid finite element boundary element method is used for the space discretization. The flexible finite element method allows to use different discretization cell sizes in the magnetic structure. The boundary element method allows for an efficient treatment of interacting nanoparticles. No mesh between the particles is required to calculate the interaction fields. Every desired profile of the external field as a

function of time can be defined. The region of the external field can be restricted. State of the art numerical techniques are implemented such as preconditioned time integration

schemes and hierarchical matrices to provide a highly efficient code. Magnum.fe can be fully controlled and customized using python.