The 6th dimension

of sensor technology

High-tech research used in practice

SuessCo develops the first sensor that can measure 6 dimensions.

Based on magnetic field technology and AI, the SuessCo development team, co-founded by Univ. Prof. Dr. DI Dieter Süss, has achieved something that no one has done before: a global paradigm shift in the measurement of changes in position.

In addition to the wireless concrete sensor and the user-friendly SuessCo monitoring system, the patented 6D position sensor shows once again how we develop practical applications with added value on the basis of scientific principles. With modern AI solutions, we make it easier for our customers to provide better cost-efficiency, precision and a higher security for their properties. These are the sensor- and monitoring solutions from SuessCo Sensors. In 2018, university professor Dieter Süss, building contractor Herbert Heigl and manager Ernst Windhoer founded SuessCo Sensors.

Innovative solutions that convince.

Measurement of changes in position using magnetic field technology, complex mathematical calculations and artificial intelligence (AI).

The wireless concrete sensor does not require a cable connection to the reading device and can also be equipped with a passive power supply.

Complete digitization through the collection of a wide range of parameters, the correlation and analysis of data and the presentation in a clear dashboard.

The areas of application for SuessCo sensors are diverse. This also includes areas that have not been equipped with digital sensors to date.

Well-known companies are among our customers and partners. We have already implemented innovative projects with you.

Our ideas are your advantage.

Security through real-time monitoring

Acceleration of construction progress

Cost reduction through digitization

Data correlation and meaningful visual representation

Individual customer solutions