High-tech sensors

for digital monitoring of buildings and infrastructures

High-tech research used in practice

SuessCo sensors increase safety, reduce costs and extend the service life of buildings and infrastructures.

Based on the proven magnetic field technology and the use of the latest AI, the SuessCo development team - co-founded by Univ. Prof. Dr. DI Dieter Süss - has succeeded in doing something that no one has done before: To develop a sensor that can measure 6 dimensions with only one device. A global paradigm shift in the measurement of position change.

The SuessCo high-tech sensors are precise in measurement, easy to install without special knowledge and robust for use in monitoring buildings and infrastructures.

All sensor data is transmitted wirelessly to an IoT dashboard, the clear graphical display enables e.g. crack monitoring and bridge monitoring in real time. This not only increases safety, but also facilitates documentation, saves costs and extends the service life of infrastructures.

Innovative solutions that convince.

SuessCo 6D sensor

The SuessCo 6D sensor is the only sensor in the world,
that can measure 6 dimensions with only one setup.

SuessCo 3D sensor

Absolute position changes (3 spatial axes X, Y, Z) between two objects are digitally recorded and transmitted wirelessly to a monitoring platform.

With the SuessCo GPS sensor system, absolute position changes can be recorded digitally with an accuracy of 2 millimetres.

Continuous, absolute motion monitoring (position changes, settlements, bends) of objects and components.

The wireless technology from SuessCo Sensors
enables data from the concrete to be transferred wirelessly
and to process them digitally.

The user-friendly SuessCo monitoring system

Seamless digitization by capturing a wide variety of parameters, correlating and analyzing data, and presenting it in a clear dashboard.

SuessCo solutions in practical use

Crack monitoring

SuessCo Riss-Monitoring mit dem SuessCo 6D-Sensor, dem weltweit einzigen Sensor der 6 Dimensionen mit nur einem Device messen kann, oder mit dem smarten SuessCo 3D-Sensor.
  • Displacement and rotation
  • Permanent monitoring with alarm function
  • Complete documentation

Bridge monitoring

  • Safety improvement
  • Extension of the useful life
  • Cost reduction through
    digital monitoring

The areas of application for SuessCo sensors are diverse. This also includes areas that have not been equipped with digital sensors to date.

Well-known companies are among our customers and partners. They use SuessCo sensors as crack sensors and for bridge monitoring, among other things.

Our ideas are your advantage.

Security through real-time monitoring

Acceleration of construction progress

Cost reduction through digitization

Data correlation and meaningful visual representation

Extending the life of infrastructures