We utilise our scientific expertise
and develop practical high-tech sensors.


During development, SuessCo Sensors relies on a strong network of leading university research, both nationally and internationally. We stand for R&D competence and rely on cooperation between science and industry.


The latest findings from basic research are continuously checked for their market potential. A new technology for the more efficient use of renewable energy is currently being developed in the SuessCo Sensors Innovation Lab.


We aim to take on individual challenges and find solutions for which there is not yet a supplier. Practicality in terms of efficiency, quality, robustness and costs is a basic requirement for us.


Startup spirit.

In 2018, university professor Dieter Süss, contractor Herbert Heigl and manager Ernst Windhoer founded SuessCo Sensors. The goal: to develop innovative, meaningful solutions that no one has managed to date and that represent real progress.

In this short time, the SuessCo Sensors development team has already registered a number of patents worldwide and implemented the developed products and solutions for well-known customers.

Be it in the construction industry, in the medical sector or in renewable energy: SuessCo Sensors stands for innovative solutions that ensure greater safety and practical benefits.

Through Univ. Prof. Dr. DI Dieter Süss, we are able to find excellent university graduates as new employees with excellent knowledge of the latest state of basic research and sensor technology, who form the basis for our ongoing development work.


The SuessCo Sensors team


Univ.-Prof. Dr. DI Dieter Suess

Co-Founder, Technical Mastermind


Mag. Herbert Heigl

Co-Founder, CFO


Ernst Windhoer, MSc, MBA

Co-Founder, CEO

Brandl_Oliver_13 3

Mag. Oliver Brandl

Head of Sales


Dr. DI Roman Windl

Senior engineer


Dr. Herbert Weitensfelder, MSc

Senior engineer

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