SuessCo high-tech sensors are
measurably more accurate for crack monitoring
and bridge bearings - monitoring.

With the digital crack sensors and the wireless concrete sensor, SuessCo is one of the leading specialists and pioneers in magnetic field sensor technology.

In particular, our globally patented 6D sensor and the smart 3D sensor are the very latest technology in crack documentation and bridge bearing monitoring. All data from the sensors used is transmitted wirelessly and displayed graphically and clearly in a dashboard. This IoT monitoring saves costs, simplifies documentation and increases security. The service life of buildings and infrastructures can be significantly extended.

SuessCo 6D sensor

Measure displacements and rotations in any direction with one sensor.


The SuessCo 6D sensor is the only sensor in the world that can measure 6 dimensions with only one setup. The unique magnetic field technology and the use of AI make it possible to detect absolute position changes and rotations between two objects. The three spatial axes and the corresponding rotation values are detected and transmitted wirelessly to a monitoring platform. The 6D sensor can be expanded using external modules.

With the SuessCo 6D sensor, your digital crack monitoring and bridge bearing documentation is state of the art.


  • High accuracy and no drift
  • Flexible use with external antennas & batteries
  • Long runtime
Der SuessCo 6D-Sensor ist der einzige Sensor weltweit, der 6 Dimensionen mit nur einem Aufbau messen kann.
Absolute Positionsveränderungen (3 Raumachsen X, Y, Z) zwischen zwei Objekten werden digital erfasst und kabellos in eine Monitoring Plattform übertragen.

SuessCo 3D sensor

1 Device - Measure 3 Dimensions


Unique magnetic field technology and the use of AI make it possible to detect absolute position changes between two objects. The three spatial axes (X, Y, Z) are captured and transmitted wirelessly to a monitoring platform.

The 3D sensor is particularly compact - batteries and antennas are already integrated in the housing. It is the all-rounder and measures displacements permanently, precisely and without drift.


  • High accuracy and no drift
  • Compact design without external cables
  • Simple assembly with high tolerance

GNSS sensor system

Capture absolute position changes digitally - with 2 millimeter accuracy


The innovative SuessCo GNSS sensor system makes it possible to digitally record absolute position changes of one or more objects and to display them graphically in a monitoring platform. The cost-effective solution for ongoing monitoring of retaining walls, slope movements, bridges, industrial plants, wind farms and other sensitive infrastructure.

Mit dem SuessCo GPS-Sensor-System können absolute Positionsveränderungen digital mit 2 Millimeter Genauigkeit erfasst werden.
Der SuessCo Wireless-Betonsensor - robust und kabellos für Ihren schnelleren Baufortschritt.

Wireless concrete sensor

Robust and wireless for faster construction progress.


The sensor for temperature control of their concrete work. The wireless technology from SuessCo Sensors enables data from the concrete to be read wirelessly via Bluetooth and processed digitally. The communication module can be extended by several sensors. The required documentation for quality assurance is thus digital and simple.


Measured values are clearly displayed at all times.

Sensoren an Objekten beziehungsweise Infrastrukturen erfassen und speichern Daten der gewünschten Messgrößen. Diese Daten werden über sichere Übertragungsmethoden (LTE-M, NB-IOT, LoRa, Bluetooth) in eine Datenbank übermittelt. Die gewünschten Sensordaten werden in Form eines übersichtlichen Dashboards in einem Online-Portal bereitgestellt.