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SuessCo Sensors is one of the leading specialists and pioneers in magnetic sensor technology. Through Univ. Prof. Dr. DI Dieter Süss, we can find excellent university graduates as new employees with excellent knowledge of the latest research and sensor technology, which form the basis for our ongoing development work. We use our know-how in science, technology and digitization and develop future-oriented high-tech sensor solutions.

6D position sensor

Measure shifts and twists in every direction - with one sensor - 3D and 6D crack monitoring sensor


SuessCo's patented magnetic field technology makes it possible to capture the absolute change in position and rotation between two objects. The three longitudinal axes (x, y, z) and the associated rotation values (3 Euler angles) are determined by measuring data from a magnetic field array, using an algorithmic innovation that combines "machine learning" methods with physically based optimization. The position data is transferred to a monitoring platform.


Wireless concrete sensor

Robust and wireless for faster construction progress.


The wireless technology from SuessCo Sensors enables data from the concrete to be read wirelessly via Bluetooth and processed digitally. The communication module can be extended by several sensors. The required documentation for quality assurance is thus digital and simple.


Absolute Positionsveränderungen in Echtzeit erfassen


Das innovative SuessCo-GPS-Sensor-System ermöglicht es, absolute Positionsveränderungen (Setzungen, Biegungen) eines oder mehrerer Objekte digital zu erfassen und in einer Monitoring-Plattform (Dashboard) grafisch übersichtlich darzustellen.

Speziell für Stützmauern, Hangbewegungen, Brücken, Industrieanlagen, Windparks und anderen sensiblen Infrastrukturen und Gebäuden ist das SuessCo-GPS-Sensor-System eine kosteneffiziente Lösung zur laufenden Überwachung.


Other sensor solutions

Measured values are clearly displayed at all times.